About us

Italboo is an Italian brand situated in Bergamo province that takes care of cultivation and sale of organic bamboo sprouts, flour and leaves. All the products can be used in alimentary field with the purpose to distribute on the market different goods from our crop.


Environmental respect, innovation, creativity and the full attention for the human factor identify Italboo features in the green economy area.


The idea comes from the union of two agricultural enterprises ( Carmen Ferri Bio and Ecowoods) with the intention to create an innovative product, Made in Italy specifically in Bergamo that can involve more territorial companies which work with people with disabilities. Italboo produces and trades natural bamboo straws in cooperation with Coop. Totem that takes care of the processing and the packaging of the product.


Italboo addresses to individuals and companies that have the target to replace the plastic objects with a unique natural product with zero impact.

Local ethical sector

Italboo cooperates with coop. Totem that manage the community service in order to support vulnerable people in need. Italboo not just produces an Eco sustainable product but also has an eye for this kind of cooperative.